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Get More Buying Power with PayPlan by RBC - Shop Rocksolar and Pay Later

Looking to make a big purchase from Rocksolar but want to avoid putting a dent in your budget? We've got you covered with PayPlan by RBC. You can use PayPlan by RBC to spread out the cost of your larger purchases over time, so you can get what you need without worrying about breaking the bank.

Applying for PayPlan is quick and easy, and you can choose a payment plan that works best for your budget. You'll know upfront exactly how much you'll pay and when payments are due, so there are no surprises along the way.

Don't let a tight budget hold you back from getting the products you need from Rocksolar. Try PayPlan by RBC today and enjoy greater flexibility and convenience with your online purchases.

Key Features

Easy and convenient

From browsing to buying, RBC’s PayPlan quick and straightforward application process makes your purchase experience hassle-free.

Flexible payment options

We understand that larger costs can be a burden. That's why we partnered with RBC to offer multiple repayment terms that you can choose from, so you can pay on your own terms.

Transparent financing

No more worrying about hidden fees or penalties. With RBC PayPlan, we are upfront with all costs, and there are no penalties for paying off your loan early.

Secure and reliable

Feel confident in your purchase knowing that Rocksolar PayPlan is backed by RBC, a trusted name in the financial industry.

How it Works

  • Shop Online

    Browse through our selection of products and add them to your cart. At checkout, select PayPlan by RBC as your payment option. You could even pre-qualify without affecting your credit score.

  • Choose Your Plan

    RBC offers a range of payment options that cater to your budget and payment preferences. You have the flexibility to choose a payment plan that works best for you.

  • Complete Your Purchase

    After selecting your payment plan, complete your purchase, and get your item right away. With PayPlan by RBC, you can pay over time in regular installments. It's that easy!


What is PayPlan by RBC?

PayPlan by RBC is a pay-over-time solution that allows you to make purchases with equal monthly payments. When you use PayPlan by RBC, you agree to accept the terms of an installment loan from RBC.

How do I apply with PayPlan by RBC?

Applying with PayPlan by RBC is easy and convenient. Simply select the PayPlan option during checkout and follow the prompts to pre-qualify, review and accept your terms, and complete your purchase.

Is PayPlan by RBC safe and secure?

We take the protection of your personal information seriously. That's why all PayPlan by RBC checkouts use HTTPS secure encryption when transmitting data.

Is PayPlan by RBC a credit card?

No. PayPlan by RBC is an installment loan that allows you to make equal monthly payments on your purchase.

Will using PayPlan by RBC affect my credit score?

When you pre-qualify for a PayPlan by RBC loan, it only results in a soft inquiry and will not impact your credit score. However, after your loan begins, PayPlan by RBC may report your monthly and final repayment status to credit reporting agencies, which may impact your score.