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Rocksolar 150V 1.61 HP Solar DC Brushless Submersible Pump with Built-in Controller

Rocksolar 150V 1.61 HP Solar DC Brushless Submersible Pump with Built-in Controller

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  • Powerful Motor: 1200W, 1.61 HP for superior performance.
  • Voltage Flexibility: 80-150V Operates best between 96-130V.
  • Solar Compatible: Ideal for six 200W solar panels.
  • Max Flow: 4.0 m³/h at minimum head.
  • Dimensions: 3" diameter, 1.5" outlet.
  • Safety: Dry-running auto protection.
  • Working: Can powered by solar panels and battery.
  • Pressure: 174PSI Max.
  • Max Depth: 393 feet/17.7GPM

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Experience superior water management with the Rocksolar 1200W Pump. Engineered for high efficiency, this pump is compatible with solar power systems, ensuring optimal performance across a range of applications from home gardening to large-scale agricultural projects. With a robust 1200W motor and a voltage range of 80-150V, it combines significant power with energy efficiency.

Technical Specifications

  • Power and Efficiency: 1200W motor, designed for 80-150V operation with best performance at 96-130V. Delivers 1.61 HP.
  • Solar Panel Compatibility: Suitable for a setup of four 340W solar panels, allowing for flexibility in solar configurations.
  • Performance Metrics: Flow rates from 4.0 m³/h at minimal head height to zero at the maximum of 120 meters. Graduated performance ideal for varied applications.
  • Design and Construction: Features a sturdy 3-inch diameter and a 1.5-inch outlet, crafted for easy integration and durability.
  • Model Specifics: 3SPN1-14P model optimizes both performance and energy efficiency, perfect for diverse settings.

The Rocksolar 1200W Pump not only offers significant operational flexibility but also stands out with its compatibility with both existing and new solar installations. Whether for daily operation or emergency use, this pump is your dependable choice for efficient and renewable water pumping solutions.

      • Rocksolar 1200W Brushless Solar Pump: The main unit featuring a high-efficiency brushless motor and an in-built controller for easy operation.
      • Solar Panel Connectors: Connectors to facilitate easy and secure connection to solar panels.
      • Water Intake Mesh Filter: Helps in filtering out debris and protecting the pump’s internal components.
      • Mounting Brackets: For securing the pump in place, ensuring stable installation.
      • User Manual: Detailed instructions on installation, operation, and maintenance.
      • Warranty Card: Information on warranty terms and conditions to ensure peace of mind.
      • Set of Installation Tools: Basic tools required for the initial setup and installation.

    Specification Details
    Model Rocksolar 1200W Brushless Solar Pump with In-Built Controller
    Power and Motor 1200W, 1.61 HP
    Voltage Range 80-150V, Best at 96-130V
    Solar Panel Compatibility Can be paired with four 340W solar panels
    Max Flow Rate 4.0 m³/h at 0 meters head
    Max Head 120 meters
    Pump Diameter 3 inches
    Pump Outlet 1.5 inches
    GPM 17.70,16.65,16.38,15.32,13.21,10.57,7.92,6.60,5.81,0
    Height(F) 0,33,65,98,164,229,295,328,360,393

    The Rocksolar 1200W Solar Pump is designed to be powered by solar panels, ideally with a setup of four 340W panels. It can also operate within a voltage range of 80-150V, optimally between 96-130V.

    The maximum flow rate of the Rocksolar 1200W Pump is 4.0 m³/h at a head height of 0 meters, decreasing progressively with increasing head height, up to a maximum of 120 meters.

    Yes, the Rocksolar 1200W Pump is capable of reaching a maximum head of 120 meters, making it highly suitable for deep well water extraction and other demanding applications.

    Yes, the Rocksolar 1200W Pump is constructed with a robust stainless steel body and features a water-cooled motor, ensuring durability and reliable performance in various outdoor environments.

    Yes, the Rocksolar 1200W Pump comes with a standard warranty. Specific details of the warranty can be found in the product documentation or by contacting our customer service team.

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