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ROCKSOLAR 1000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

ROCKSOLAR 1000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

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  • High Power: Offers 1000W continuous, 2000W peak.
  • Efficient: Up to 91% maximum efficiency.
  • Versatile Outlets: Includes 2x 110V AC and 1x USB port.
  • Advanced Safety: Protects against electrical issues.
  • Smart Cooling: Silent fan for temperature control.
  • Wide Applications: Ideal for RVs, trucks, and emergencies.
  • 1-Year Warranty: Comes with a solid warranty.
  • Complete Kit: Includes inverter, manual, and cables.
  • User-Friendly: Optional remote control panel.
  • Durable Build: Long-lasting performance.

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Reliable Power Anywhere, Anytime: Introducing the ROCKSOLAR 1000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter, a powerhouse of portable electricity. Offering a substantial 1000W output with a 2000W peak, it's perfect for a wide range of applications.

Universal Compatibility: Equipped with dual 110V AC outlets and a smart 2.1A USB port, this inverter ensures compatibility with a variety of devices, from small appliances to power tools.

Compact and Convenient: The ROCKSOLAR 1000W inverter is designed for ease of use with a lightweight build and an optional RS485 remote control panel for added convenience.

Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of regular use, this inverter offers robust protection against short circuits, overloads, voltage fluctuations, and high temperatures.

Smart and Affordable Power Solution: Offering efficient power conversion at 91% maximum efficiency, this inverter is an affordable solution for reliable energy access on the go.

What Can It Power?

  • LED Lights: Multiple bulbs (20-60W)
  • Laptop: Approx. 45-85W
  • Smartphone: Approx. 5-10W
  • Tablet: Approx. 10-30W
  • Fan: Approx. 50-100W
  • LED TV less than 100': Approx. 30-150W
  • Gaming Desktop PC: 500-850W
  • Full Size Refrigerator (Less than 26 cu ft): 400-600W
  • Power Tools: Approx. 200-700W
  • Small Air Fryer: 800-1000W
  • CPAP: Varies
  • Electric Heater: Approx. 500-1000W

Experience the freedom of portable power with the ROCKSOLAR 1000W Inverter - your go-to source for reliable energy!

  • 1x 1000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter: The Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter designed for longevity and performance.
  • 1x User Manual: Detailed instructions on usage, installation, and maintenance for optimal performance.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Model RSINV1000-001
Output Rated Power: 1000W
AC Voltage: 120Vac (100/110/120Vac Set through menu)
Frequency: 60Hz (50Hz/60Hz Set through menu)
Continuous Output Power: 1000W (Resistive, Inductive, and Capacitive Loads)
Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Waveform Distortion (THD): ≤5%
Input Battery Voltage: 12Vdc
Voltage Range: 9~17Vdc
DC Current: 98A (Load 1000W at 12Vdc)
No Load Loss: 0.8A
Shutdown Mode Static Current: 1mA
Maximum Efficiency: 90%
Output Protection High Temperature, Short Circuit, Overload, Overvoltage, Low Voltage
USB Dual USB Output: 5V, 2.1A
Environment Working Temperature: -20~40℃
Operating Humidity: 10~90%RH
Storage: -30℃~70℃, 10~95%RH
Other Weight: Net 2.82 kg
Size: 357.6*171.9*78mm (L*W*H)

The ROCKSOLAR 1000W Inverter offers a continuous power output of 1000 watts and a peak capacity of 2000 watts, suitable for a variety of electrical needs.

Yes, the ROCKSOLAR 1000W Inverter can power a full-size refrigerator (less than 26 cu ft) with its 1000W continuous power output, making it ideal for home use during power outages or for off-grid living.

Yes, the ROCKSOLAR 1000W Inverter is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it ideal for camping, RVs, and outdoor events.

The inverter has built-in protection against short circuits, overloads, overvoltage, low voltage, and high temperature, ensuring stable and safe operation under various conditions.

Yes, the ROCKSOLAR 1000W Inverter can power a range of power tools, with a continuous output of 1000W and a peak capacity of 2000W.

Yes, the inverter is user-friendly with a simple installation process. It comes with a detailed user manual for guidance.

Yes, it features a smart 2.1A USB charging port, allowing you to charge smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices.

Customer Reviews

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Unleashing My Inner Explorer

This inverter has allowed me to unleash my inner explorer. It's versatile, efficient, and can power all of my devices and appliances without any issues. The digital display and USB charging port are also very convenient for outdoor adventures.

Power Up, Stress Down

This ROCKSOLAR inverter is the ultimate stress reliever. It's reliable, efficient, and can power all of your essential devices and appliances without any issues. The digital display and USB charging port are also very convenient, allowing you to power up and de-stress.

Powering My Adventures

This inverter is powering my all important adventures. It's reliable, efficient, and can power all of my devices and appliances without any issues.

Pure Sine Wave Power at Its Best

This inverter provides pure sine wave power at its best. It powers all of my devices without any issues, and the digital display allows me to monitor the inverter's performance. The USB charging port is also a great feature.

Perfect Backup Power for Emergencies

I purchased this inverter as a backup power source for my home solar panel in case of a power outage. It has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and reliability. It's also surprisingly quiet, which is a plus.