Partial Home Backup Power

Our Partial Home Backup Power System ensures your essential devices and appliances remain powered during outages. Designed with precision, this system includes:

  • PV Panels

    These robust solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into usable electricity, providing a green and cost-effective energy solution.

  • MIN TL-XH-US (V2 Only)

    This advanced solar inverter seamlessly transforms the solar energy into alternating current, powering your essential home needs efficiently.


    Equipped with a state-of-the-art automatic transfer switch and additional energy control units, this system promises an uninterrupted power supply to your critical home circuits, switching to backup mode instantly during a grid failure.

  • SM-US

    The smart meter integration allows for intelligent energy monitoring and management, giving you full control over your energy consumption and savings.

  • Sub Panel (Critical Loads)

    Dedicated to your critical loads, this sub-panel ensures that your most important appliances stay on without interruption.

  • Grid

    The grid connection provides a reliable backup, supplying additional power when needed and allowing for the beneficial exchange of surplus solar energy, contributing to a sustainable energy ecosystem.

  • ARO HV Battery

    This high-capacity battery stores excess energy, ensuring availability for when the sun sets or during unexpected power outages.

Whole Home Backup Power System

Experience the pinnacle of energy independence with our Whole Home Backup Power System, a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of your household's energy needs:

  • PV Panels

    Our high-performance solar panels are the foundation, offering sustainable and renewable electricity to power your entire home.

  • MIN TL-XH-US (V3 Only)

    The latest version of our trusted inverter ensures that solar energy is efficiently converted to power every room in your home.


    This combination of sophisticated energy regulators and synchronization units provides seamless energy distribution and backup across all home circuits.

  • Main Panel:

    This system connects to your home's main panel, ensuring that every switch and outlet has a reliable source of clean energy.

  • ARO HV Battery

    An expansive battery storage system captures and retains solar energy on a larger scale, ready to supply your home with power through the night or during extended grid outages.

Grid Tie Home Back Up Power Systems