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1MW Smart Energy Manager ShineSEM-X-RM

1MW Smart Energy Manager ShineSEM-X-RM

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  • 1MW Management Capacity: Specifically designed for the highest demand commercial and industrial energy systems, offering unparalleled efficiency and scalability.
  • Advanced Communication Options: Features RS485 and Ethernet as standard, with optional PLC and Ring Network Switch, ensuring robust integration and system management.
  • Robust Environmental Protection: Boasts an IP66 (NEMA 4X) rating, ensuring reliable performance in extreme temperatures from -22°F to +149°F (-30°C to +65°C) and at high altitudes up to 4000m (13123ft).
  • High-Precision Energy Monitoring: Capable of detecting up to 2000A, enabling precise management and optimization of energy usage across vast operations.
  • Designed for Indoor Application: Crafted to deliver optimal results in indoor environments, functioning effectively within a relative humidity range of 5%-95% non-condensing.

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Introducing the pinnacle of energy management technology, the 1MW Smart Energy Manager ShineSEM-X-RM by ROCKSOLAR Canada, tailored for the most demanding energy systems in large industrial and commercial sectors. This state-of-the-art device is engineered to masterfully manage and optimize energy consumption on an unprecedented scale, offering the highest level of efficiency and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Maximum Capacity Management: Specifically designed to handle systems up to 1MW, this Smart Energy Manager caters to the largest energy systems, providing unmatched control and optimization capabilities.
  • Elite Connectivity: Comes equipped with RS485 and Ethernet, with additional PLC and Ring Network Switch options for extensive and flexible system integration.
  • Industrial-grade Durability: Enclosed in an IP66 (NEMA 4X) rated casing for superior protection, it ensures dependable performance in the toughest environmental conditions, from -22°F to +149°F (-30°C to +65°C).
  • Advanced Metering and Monitoring: Features a broad input voltage range and the ability to detect currents up to 2000A, ensuring precise energy management for high-capacity operations.

Technical Excellence:

  • Optimized for Large-scale Installations: With its robust design and significant capacity, it's ideal for expansive industrial settings, offering a compact footprint and easy integration.
  • Comprehensive System Support: Capable of managing multiple high-capacity inverters, enhancing system efficiency and reliability through advanced monitoring and control.

The 1MW Smart Energy Manager ShineSEM-X-RM stands as a testament to ROCKSOLAR Canada's commitment to innovative energy solutions, offering large-scale commercial and industrial facilities the ultimate tool in energy efficiency and operational excellence.

    • 1x 1MW Smart Energy Manager ShineSEM-X-RM: The core unit designed for ultimate energy management in large-scale commercial and industrial environments.
    • 1x Comprehensive User Manual: Detailed instructions for installation, configuration, operation, and maintenance, ensuring optimal usage of the energy manager.
    • 1x Full Communication Kit: Includes RS485 and Ethernet cables for standard connectivity, with optional PLC components and a Ring Network Switch for enhanced system integration.
    • 1x Mounting and Hardware Set: All necessary brackets, screws, and fixtures for secure installation of the device.
    • 1x Warranty Information: Documentation outlining warranty terms, conditions, and procedures, providing peace of mind through extensive product support.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
System Size 1MW
Communication RS485, Ethernet (Yes), PLC (Optional), Ring Network Switch (Optional)
Max. Inverter Number 9PCS
Communication Distance RS485: 1000m, Ethernet Cable: 100m
Dimensions (W/H/D) 398/450/158mm (15.66*17.71*6.22 inches)
Weight 13.5kg (29.7lbs)
Operation Temperature Range -22°F to +149°F (-30°C to +65°C)
Protection Rating IP66 (NEMA 4X)
Relative Humidity 5%-95% no-condensing
Placement Indoor
Altitude 13123ft (4000m)
Nominal Input Voltage 208V/220V/400V/480V/540V
Input Voltage Range 187V-594V
Normal Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Max. Current (CT Detection) 2000A
Max. Input Current (CT Second Side) 5A
Accuracy (@Rated CT Current) 0.5
Certifications CE, ROHS

It is designed for systems requiring up to 1MW, making it suitable for very large commercial and industrial applications that demand high-capacity energy management.

The device supports RS485 and Ethernet as standard communication interfaces, with optional PLC and Ring Network Switch available for enhanced connectivity and integration.

Up to 9 inverters can be directly managed, allowing for comprehensive control over multiple energy conversion units within a system.

It can operate efficiently at altitudes up to 13123ft (4000m), ensuring reliable performance even in high-altitude installations.

The Smart Energy Manager is built to function in temperatures ranging from -22°F to +149°F (-30°C to +65°C), catering to a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Yes, it is specifically designed for indoor use, offering optimal performance in controlled environments with a relative humidity range of 5%-95% non-condensing.

It boasts a high accuracy rate of 0.5 for current detection, capable of handling up to 2000A for the CT detection side, ensuring precise monitoring and management of energy flows.

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