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Growatt 19.8 KWh ARO HV LiFePO4 Battery

Growatt 19.8 KWh ARO HV LiFePO4 Battery

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  • 19.8kWh Capacity: Maximum storage for comprehensive energy solutions.
  • LiFePO4 Technology: Cobalt-free for enhanced safety and stability.
  • Modular Design: Simplifies installation and integration into energy systems.
  • Long Cycle Life: Over 6000 cycles at 90% DoD, ensuring longevity.
  • Remote Monitoring: Advanced BMS for efficient operation and maintenance.
  • High Efficiency: 94.4% efficiency rate for optimal energy use.
  • Durable Construction: IP56/NEMA Type 4X rating protects against elements.
  • 10-Year Warranty: Demonstrates Growatt's confidence in their product.
  • Off-Grid Compatibility: Ideal for enhancing solar setups with reliable backup.

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Ultimate Energy Storage Solution: The Growatt 19.8 KWh ARO HV LiFePO4 Battery stands as the pinnacle of residential energy storage, offering unparalleled capacity for sophisticated energy demands. Engineered for seamless compatibility with grid-tie and off-grid systems, it represents the epitome of energy storage innovation.

Exceptional Safety & Endurance: Utilizing cutting-edge cobalt-free LiFePO4 technology, the ARO HV Battery series is not only exceptionally safe but also boasts a life cycle of over 6000 cycles, ensuring a stable and reliable power source for years to come.

Expansive Energy Capacity: With a base capacity of 19.8kWh, this system provides extensive energy storage, designed to cater to significant energy requirements. Its modularity allows for a streamlined setup, adaptable to the evolving energy needs of modern households.

Effortless Integration: The ARO HV Battery emphasizes ease of installation. Its floor-standing model facilitates a quick and efficient setup process, enabling a seamless integration into various energy systems without the complexity often associated with such high-capacity solutions.

Maximized Efficiency: Offering an efficiency rate of 94.4% and a Depth of Discharge (DoD) of 90%, the ARO HV Battery ensures optimal performance, making every watt count towards reducing energy costs and maximizing the utility of stored energy.

Intelligent System Management: Equipped with an advanced Battery Management System (BMS), it provides comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities, ensuring the battery operates at its peak efficiency while extending its lifespan.

Durable and Protected: Rated with IP56/NEMA Type 4X, the battery is designed to withstand challenging environmental conditions, ensuring its durability and the safety of its operation across a variety of settings.

Energy Independence Realized: The Growatt 19.8 KWh ARO HV LiFePO4 Battery is designed for homeowners seeking to significantly enhance their energy independence, whether through solar panel augmentation or creating a dependable backup power system.

Supported by a Leader in Renewable Energy: Accompanied by a 10-year warranty, this battery solution highlights Growatt's commitment to providing high-quality, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions to customers worldwide.

Embrace the future with Growatt's 19.8 KWh ARO HV LiFePO4 Battery, a harmonious blend of capacity, safety, and efficiency, designed to meet the highest standards of energy storage.

  • 1x Growatt 19.8 KWh ARO HV LiFePO4 Battery: A high-capacity, cobalt-free LiFePO4 battery tailored for grid-tie and battery storage systems, offering expandable storage solutions.
  • 1x Battery Management System (BMS): An advanced BMS integrated into the battery for efficient energy management and enhanced safety.
  • 1x Installation Guide: Comprehensive guidelines to facilitate quick and easy setup of your energy storage system.
  • 1x Communication Cable: Enables seamless connection to the Growatt monitoring system for real-time tracking and system updates.
  • 1x Warranty Document: Clear documentation of the 10-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and reliable support.
  • 1x Accessory Kit: Includes all necessary hardware for a straightforward installation process.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Manufacturer Growatt
Type ARO HV Battery
Battery Capacity 19.8kWh
Battery Type Cobalt Free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
Nominal Voltage 400V
Operating Voltage Range 360-550V
Max Charge/Discharge Power 5200W/5200W
Max Charge/Discharge Current 14.3A@360V
Cycle Life >6000
Dimensions (W/D/H) 650/320/1160mm (25.6/12.6/45.7in) for 6pcs
Weight 595.2lbs/270kg for 6 modules
Installation Floor installation
Operation Temperature -10-+45°C/14-113°F
DoD 90%
Communication Port RS485/CAN
Warranty 10 Years
IP Protection IP56/NEMA Type 4X
Certification UL1973/ FCC Part 15 Class B, UL9540

The Growatt 19.8 KWh ARO HV LiFePO4 Battery offers an expansive 19.8kWh capacity, ideal for large-scale residential energy storage demands.

While 19.8kWh represents the maximum capacity configuration with six ML33RTA battery modules, it is designed for optimal space and energy efficiency within its capacity range.

Utilizing cobalt-free LiFePO4 technology, the battery is engineered for maximum safety, offering a stable and risk-free energy storage solution.

Its modular design and floor-standing installation provide a user-friendly setup process, facilitating seamless integration into existing energy systems.

The battery is covered by a 10-year warranty, underscoring Growatt's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Yes, equipped with a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS), the battery enables comprehensive remote monitoring for enhanced control and maintenance.

It's perfectly suited for extensive residential use, off-grid solutions, and solar system enhancements, providing a reliable and efficient power source.

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