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Growatt 7.6kW MIN 7600TL-XH-US Grid-Tie | Battery Storage Solar Inverter

Growatt 7.6kW MIN 7600TL-XH-US Grid-Tie | Battery Storage Solar Inverter

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  • 98.4% Efficiency: Ensures superior energy conversion.
  • Hybrid Capabilities: Grid-tie, off-grid, and battery storage ready.
  • 3 MPPT Trackers: For optimal solar harnessing.
  • Versatile Energy Management: Supports a range of operational modes.
  • Compatibility: Works with multiple battery types.
  • Remote Monitoring: Track your system's performance anywhere.
  • Enhanced Safety: Features RSD and AFCI for protection.
  • Regulation Adherence: Compliant with key industry standards.
  • Flexible Installation: Suitable for various environments.
  • Warranty Assurance: Backed by a decade-long warranty.

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Growatt 7.6kW MIN 7600TL-XH-US Grid-Tie | Battery Storage Solar Inverter

The Growatt 7.6kW MIN 7600TL-XH-US is an advanced solar inverter solution crafted for sophisticated residential energy storage systems. This high-capacity inverter is designed to integrate effortlessly with both DC Coupled and AC Coupled setups, ready to adapt to the specific energy requirements of your home.

  • Exceptional Efficiency: Delivers a maximum efficiency of 98.5%, driving higher yields and greater energy savings.
  • Advanced MPPT Technology: Equipped with three MPPT trackers, optimizing solar energy capture from multiple arrays.
  • Reliable Backup Power: Provides dependable backup power and dark start operations, ensuring energy is available even during outages.
  • Safety and Protection: Incorporates Rapid Shutdown (RSD) and Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) for enhanced system safety.
  • Smart Energy Management: Supports self-consumption, zero export, TOU, and off-grid modes, offering tailored energy utilization.
  • Standards Compliance: Meets critical standards such as UL1741SA/SB, CA Rule 21, and HECO, suitable for various regulatory regions.
  • Integrated Connectivity: Features CAN2.0, RS485, and SUNSPEC communication for seamless system monitoring and management.
  • Warranty Assurance: Comes with a solid 10-year warranty, emphasizing Growatt's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

With the Growatt MIN 7600TL-XH-US, enhance your home's energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and achieve a higher degree of energy independence.

  • 1x MIN 7600TL-XH-US Inverter: A high-efficiency inverter supporting DC/AC coupled systems, backup power, and multiple energy modes.
  • 1x User Manual: Instructions for installation, setup, and operation.
  • Optional Communication Module: For remote system monitoring and management.
  • 1x AC Connection Cable: Connects the inverter to AC power.
  • 1x PV Connection Kit: For safe solar panel integration.
  • 1x Battery Cable: Links the inverter to battery storage.
  • Mounting Hardware: Includes brackets and screws for installation.
  • 1x Warranty Documentation: Covers warranty terms and support information.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Manufacturer Growatt
Type Grid-Tie / Battery Storage
AC Power 7.6kW
Max PV Input Power 15.2kW
DC/AC Ratio Up to 2.0
Max. DC System Voltage 600V
Startup Voltage 50V
Full Load Voltage Range 210-500V
Nominal Voltage 360V
Operating Voltage Range 50~550V
No. of MPPT / No. of PV Strings per MPPT 3 / 2/2/2
Max. Input Current per MPPT 13.5A
Max. Short-circuit Current per MPPT 16.9A
Battery Voltage Range 360~550V
Rated Battery Voltage 400V
I/O DC Current 23A/23A
I/O DC Power 7.8kW
AC Nominal Power @ 240V AC 7.6kW
AC Nominal Power @ 208V AC 6.58kW
Max. AC Apparent Power 7.6kVA
Nominal AC Voltage / AC Voltage Range 208V/240V / 183V~229V/211V~264V
AC Grid Frequency / Range 50/60Hz / 45~65Hz
Max. Output Current 32A
Power Factor (@Nominal Power) >0.99
Adjustable Power Factor 0.8 Leading~0.8 Lagging
THDi <3%
AC Grid Connection Type L1/L2/N/PE
Max. Efficiency 98.4%
CEC Efficiency @ 240V AC 97.5%
CEC Efficiency @ 208V AC 97.0%
Protection Devices DC Reverse-polarity, DC Switch, DC Surge Protection, Insulation Resistance, AC Surge Protection, Ground Fault Monitoring, Grid Monitoring, Anti-islanding, Residual-current Monitoring, AFCI
Dimensions (W / H / D) 15.75/22.41/6.98 inch (400/569/170.5mm)
Weight 32.3lbs (14.65kg)
Operating Temperature Range –13°F~+140°F (–25 °C ~ +60 °C) de-rating above 113°F
Altitude 9843ft (3000m)
Internal Consumption at Night <1W (for PV inverter)/<5W (for storage inverter)
Cooling Natural Convection
Electronics Protection Degree NEMA4X (IP65)
Relative Humidity 0~95%
Interfaces RS485, Optional WIFI/4G Communication
Warranty 10 Years (optional for extended 15 and 20 years warranty)
Revenue Grade Meter ANSI C12.20 (meet 0.5% accuracy)
Compliances IEEE1547, CA Rule21, Rule14 (HECO Compliant), FCC Part15 Class B, UL1741, UL1741SA, CSA C22.2, UL1699B, UL1741 CRD, UL 9540

This inverter operates at a maximum efficiency of 98.4%, ensuring that a significant portion of the solar energy collected is converted into usable power for your home.

Yes, while it is designed primarily for grid-tie and battery storage systems, it can also support off-grid operations when paired with a suitable transfer switch and storage batteries.

Indeed, it is equipped with three MPPT trackers, which allows it to manage multiple PV arrays efficiently for optimal solar energy harvest.

The Growatt 7.6kW inverter supports battery storage solutions and is compatible with the Growatt ARO/APX HV batteries and LG Prime(Gen3) batteries.

Yes, the inverter includes a WiFi module for convenient plug-and-play online monitoring, allowing you to oversee your power system's status via a mobile app or web portal.

The inverter comes with a 10-year warranty, highlighting Growatt's commitment to durability and customer satisfaction.

The Growatt MIN 7600TL-XH-US includes safety features like Rapid Shutdown (RSD) and Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI), providing multiple layers of protection for your solar energy system.

Yes, it complies with several industry standards including UL1741, UL1741SA, CA Rule 21, and is HECO compliant, ensuring broad acceptance in various installations.

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