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ROCKSOLAR 3000W 24V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

ROCKSOLAR 3000W 24V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

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  • Substantial Power: 3000W continuous, 6000W peak output.
  • Quality Output: Pure sine wave for stable, clean power.
  • Customizable Settings: Adjustable voltage and frequency.
  • Peak Efficiency: Up to 93% for optimal battery use.
  • Advanced Protection: Comprehensive safety features.
  • USB Port: 2.1A charging for convenient device use.
  • Wide Operating Range: Suitable for various conditions.
  • Inclusive Warranty: 12-month coverage for peace of mind.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a range of applications.
  • Robust Build: Durable construction for longevity.

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High Power Output: Offers 3000W continuous and 6000W peak power, suitable for large appliances and power tools, can be hard wired.

Pure Sine Wave Output: Produces clean, stable electricity similar to utility grid power, ideal for sensitive electronics.

Multiple Voltage Settings: AC voltage can be set to 100/110/120Vac, and frequency to 50Hz/60Hz via menu.

High Efficiency: Achieves up to 93% maximum efficiency and 90% full load efficiency, enhancing battery usage.

Battery Protection: Built-in protection, including a 300A circuit for the 24Vdc model, ensures safe operation.

Output Protection: Features high temperature alarm, over-temperature, short circuit, power alarm, and overpower protection.

USB Charging Port: Comes with a 2.1A USB port for convenient device charging.

Temperature Range: Suitable for use in a range of temperatures (-20~40℃) and humidity (10~90%RH).

Warranty & Included: 12-month warranty; package includes a 3000w Power Inverter and user manual.

What Can It Power?

  • LED Lights: Multiple bulbs (20-60W)
  • Laptop: Approx. 45-85W
  • Smartphone: Approx. 5-10W
  • Tablet: Approx. 10-30W
  • Fan: Approx. 50-100W
  • LED TV less than 100': Approx. 30-150W
  • Gaming Desktop PC: 500-850W
  • Full Size Refrigerator (Less than 26 cu ft): 400-600W
  • Air Fryer: 800-1500W
  • Power Tools: Approx. 300-1500W
  • CPAP: Varies
  • Air Conditioner: Approx. 500-2000W
  • Electric Stove: 1800-3000W
  • Clothes Iron: Approx. 1000-2000W
  • Hair Dyer: 1800W
  • Coffee Machine: 1500W
  • Waterloo Kettle: 1500W
  • Microwave: 1000W
  • Portable Heater: 1000W
  • 1x 3000W 24V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter: The Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter designed for longevity and performance.
  • 1x User Manual: Detailed instructions on usage, installation, and maintenance for optimal performance.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Model RSINV3000-001
Output Rated Power 3000W continuous, 6000W peak
AC Voltage 120Vac (100/110/120Vac set through menu)
Frequency 60Hz (50Hz/60Hz set through menu)
Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Input Battery Voltage 24Vdc
Maximum Efficiency 90% to 93%
USB Output 5V, 2.1A
Battery Protection 300A for 24Vdc
Temperature Range -20~40℃
Weight Net weight: 5.01Kg
Size 420.4*208.9*110mm (L*W*H)

It provides 3000W of continuous power and 6000W of peak power, suitable for large appliances and tools.

Yes, its pure sine wave output ensures clean and stable power for sensitive devices.

Yes, the AC voltage and frequency are adjustable through the menu, offering versatility for different needs.

Yes, it features a 2.1A USB port for convenient charging of USB devices.

It includes high temperature alarm, over-temperature, short circuit, power alarm, and overpower protection for safety.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Amelia Johnson
A Handy Camping Companion

Took this inverter on a camping trip, and it made life a lot more comfortable. It powered our camping gadgets and even a small fridge. The USB port kept our devices charged, and the temperature range was perfect for outdoor use. Highly recommended for fellow campers!

-Thanks for your positive feedbacks on our 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter. We are very glad you have recommended it to fellow campers. Appreciate your trust on our brand.

Best regards

Isabella White
Top-Notch Performance

This inverter has been a reliable workhorse. It powers my appliances and tools effortlessly, and the USB port is great for keeping devices charged. The temperature range means it's ready for any environment. The warranty gives me peace of mind. ROCKSOLAR has impressed me once again!


Mia Taylor
Compact Power Solution

This inverter packs a punch in a compact form. I've used it for outdoor events and emergencies, and it never disappoints. The USB port is handy for charging devices, and the output protection features are reassuring. The temperature range makes it versatile. Kudos to ROCKSOLAR for this gem!


Henry Martin
Beyond Impressed

I've used other inverters before, but this one has exceeded my expectations. The power output is remarkable, and the pure sine wave output ensures my electronics are safe. The USB port is a useful feature, and the warranty shows ROCKSOLAR's commitment to quality. Well done!


John V
Impressive Power

This inverter is a beast! I got it to power my tools at a remote worksite, and it handled everything like a champ. I'm amazed at the 3000W output it can even run my heavy-duty equipment without a hiccup. The USB port is a nice bonus for charging my phone. Shipping was quick, and the price is reasonable for the quality. Highly recommended!