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Rocksolar 48V 0.4HP Solar DC Brushless Submersible Pump with Built in Controller

Rocksolar 48V 0.4HP Solar DC Brushless Submersible Pump with Built in Controller

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  • Powerful Brushless Motor: 300W, 0.4 HP for high efficiency.
  • Voltage Flexibility: 20-30V: Best at 30-40V.
  • Solar Compatible: Supports 2 X 200W panels.
  • Max Flow: 3.5 m³/h at minimum head.
  • Dimensions: 3" diameter, 1.5" outlet.
  • Safety: Dry-running auto protection.
  • Working: Can powered by solar panels and battery.
  • Pressure: 58PSI Max.
  • Max Depth: 115 feet/15.32GMP.

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Experience superior water management with the Rocksolar 300W Pump. Engineered for high efficiency, this pump is compatible with solar power systems, ensuring optimal performance across a range of applications from home gardening to agricultural irrigation. With a robust 300W motor and a voltage range of 20-40V, it combines power with energy efficiency.

Technical Specifications

  • Power and Efficiency: 300W motor, designed for 20-40V operation with best performance at 30-40V. Delivers 0.4 HP.
  • Solar Panel Compatibility: Suitable for a 340W setup or two 200W panels, allowing flexibility in solar configurations.
  • Performance Metrics: Flow rates from 3.5 m³/h at minimal head height to zero at the maximum of 40 meters. Graduated performance ideal for varied applications.
  • Design and Construction: Features a sturdy 3-inch diameter and a 1.5-inch outlet, crafted for easy integration and durability.
  • Model Specifics: 3SPN1-5P model optimizes both performance and energy efficiency, perfect for diverse settings.

The Rocksolar 300W Pump not only offers significant operational flexibility but also stands out with its compatibility with both existing and new solar installations. Whether for daily operation or emergency use, this pump is your dependable choice for efficient and renewable water pumping solutions.

      • Rocksolar 300W Brushless Solar Pump: The main unit featuring a high-efficiency brushless motor and an in-built controller for easy operation.
      • Water Intake Mesh Filter: Helps in filtering out debris and protecting the pump’s internal components.
      • User Manual: Detailed instructions on installation, operation, and maintenance.
      • Warranty Card: Information on warranty terms and conditions to ensure peace of mind.
      • Set of Installation Tools: Basic tools required for the initial setup and installation.

    Specification Details
    Product Rocksolar 300W Brushless Solar Pump with In-Built Controller
    Model Brushless Motor, In-Built Controller
    Power 300W
    Voltage 20-40V, Best at 30-40V
    Solar Panel Requirement 340W*1 PCS or 2x200W
    Max Head 40 meters
    Max Flow Rate 3.5 m³/h at 0 meters head
    Pump Diameter 3 inches
    Pump Outlet 1.5 inches
    GPM 15.32,14,12.68,11.10,8.72,7.13,5.28,3.43,0
    Height(F) 0,16.41,32.81,49.23,65.62,82.05,98.43,114.87,40
    Water Cooled Motor Yes
    Warranty 1 Year

    The Rocksolar 300W Brushless Solar Pump can be powered by a solar panel setup or a battery system. It operates efficiently within a voltage range of 20-40V, with the optimal performance at 30-40V.

    Yes, the flow rate of the Rocksolar 300W Brushless Solar Pump can be adjusted by changing the solar panel input or modifying the battery voltage to meet your specific needs.

    The Rocksolar 300W Brushless Solar Pump can handle a maximum head height of 40 meters, making it suitable for a range of domestic and agricultural applications.

    Yes, the Rocksolar 300W Brushless Solar Pump comes with a one-year standard warranty covering manufacturing defects and performance issues.

    Absolutely, the Rocksolar 300W Brushless Solar Pump is ideal for irrigation, capable of delivering a steady flow of water across varying elevations and distances.

    Yes, the Rocksolar 300W Brushless Solar Pump is designed for continuous operation, ensuring a consistent water supply when connected to an adequate power source.

    The Rocksolar 300W Brushless Solar Pump is capable of handling water temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius, suitable for most environmental conditions.

    Yes, this pump can be effectively used for water circulation in solar hot water systems, leveraging its high efficiency and brushless motor design.

    Yes, the Rocksolar 300W Brushless Solar Pump is built to perform reliably both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its robust construction and weather-resistant materials.

    The pump is designed for easy setup and typically does not require professional installation. However, consulting with a professional is recommended for complex setups to ensure optimal performance.

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