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WIT 55kW Commercial AC-Coupled Hybrid Inverter

WIT 55kW Commercial AC-Coupled Hybrid Inverter

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  • Maximum Efficiency: Delivers up to 98.00% efficiency, ensuring superior solar energy conversion and minimizing losses for large-scale commercial solar systems.
  • Comprehensive Safety Features: Includes advanced protections like AC/DC surge protection, battery reverse protection, and insulation resistance monitoring, safeguarding against electrical anomalies.
  • Adaptive Cooling Technology: The smart air cooling system maintains optimal operation temperatures, enhancing performance and extending lifespan without additional cooling mechanisms.
  • Environmental Resilience: Rated IP66/NEMA 4X for exceptional durability, it's capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions, suitable for versatile installation scenarios.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Offers standard RS485/CAN/USB interfaces and optional RS485/4G/LAN-X for comprehensive system monitoring and remote management.
  • Versatile Operating Range: Efficiently operates in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +60°C, accommodating a broad spectrum of climatic conditions.
  • Substantial Power Output: With a nominal AC power of 55kW, it meets the needs of substantial commercial solar projects demanding high power output.
  • Globally Certified: Meets critical international standards such as UL1741 and IEEE1547, ensuring its applicability in a wide range of commercial settings.
  • Assured Reliability: Backed by a comprehensive 5 to 7-year warranty, it offers peace of mind and confidence in its long-term performance and durability.
  • Detailed System Monitoring: Advanced connectivity options enable thorough monitoring and efficient management, optimizing operational efficiency and system reliability.

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The WIT 55kW Commercial AC-Coupled Hybrid Inverter is a cornerstone of innovation in solar energy conversion, tailored for the most demanding commercial applications. As part of the distinguished WIT series, this inverter is meticulously engineered to manage substantial power requirements, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and reliability in solar energy storage and usage.

Key Features:

  • Peak Efficiency: Achieving an impressive 98.00% maximum efficiency, the WIT 55kW inverter minimizes energy loss, ensuring maximum conversion of solar power into usable energy.
  • Robust Safety Protocols: It comes equipped with an extensive array of protection mechanisms, such as AC/DC surge protection and battery reverse protection, safeguarding the system against electrical anomalies.
  • Advanced Thermal Management: The inverter features a sophisticated air cooling system, designed to maintain optimal performance levels under varying load conditions, thus enhancing durability and consistency.
  • Exceptional Build Quality: With an IP66/NEMA 4X enclosure, the WIT 55kW inverter is built to excel in a variety of environmental conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor setups.

Technical Specifications:

  • Substantial Power Delivery: Provides a continuous power output of 55kW, ideal for large-scale commercial solar projects with significant energy demands.
  • Flexible AC Output: Supports 208/220V nominal AC voltage and a 45-65Hz frequency range, aligning with standard commercial power requirements.
  • Comprehensive Operating Range: Efficient operation is guaranteed in temperatures from -30°C to +60°C, accommodating diverse environmental conditions.

Connectivity and Monitoring:

  • Enhanced Communication Options: Features RS485/CAN/USB interfaces for core communication needs, with RS485/4G/LAN-X available for advanced remote monitoring and system management.

Warranty and Standards:

  • Assured Quality: Supported by a 5 to 7-year warranty, this inverter stands as a testament to reliability and customer satisfaction over time.
  • Global Compliance: Adheres to UL1741 and IEEE1547 standards, certifying its application across a broad spectrum of commercial solar energy projects worldwide.

Empowering commercial establishments to leverage solar energy efficiently, the WIT 55kW Commercial AC-Coupled Hybrid Inverter embodies the fusion of high capacity, safety, and technological advancement.

  • 1x WIT 55kW Commercial AC-Coupled Hybrid Inverter: The powerhouse of solar energy conversion, designed to meet the needs of high-demand commercial solar systems.
  • 1x Comprehensive Installation Guide: Detailed instructions to ensure a smooth installation process, covering operational guidance and maintenance practices.
  • 1x Communication Interface Kit (Optional): Enhancing system connectivity with options for RS485/CAN/USB and RS485/4G/LAN-X, for superior monitoring and management capabilities.
  • 1x AC Connection Cable: A high-quality cable provided to establish a secure connection to the grid, facilitating efficient energy distribution.
  • 1x Smart Cooling System Overview: Documentation on the advanced air cooling system, highlighting its role in maintaining optimal inverter performance and longevity.
  • 1x Warranty Documentation: Details the comprehensive 5 to 7-year warranty, outlining coverage, terms, and claim procedures to ensure your investment is protected.
  • 1x Installation Accessory Pack: Contains all necessary hardware for mounting and securing the inverter, ensuring a compliant and stable setup.
  • 1x Safety and Regulatory Compliance Booklet: Information on the inverter's compliance with key safety standards and certifications, including UL1741 and IEEE1547, affirming its suitability for commercial use.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Nominal AC Power 55kW
Max. Efficiency 98.00%
Protection Mechanisms Battery reverse protection, AC/DC surge protection, Insulation resistance monitoring, Ground fault monitoring, Grid monitoring, Residual current monitoring unit, AC short-circuit protection, Anti-islanding protection
Cooling System Smart air cooling
Ingress Protection IP66/NEMA 4X
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +60°C (>50°C derating)
Communication Interfaces RS485/CAN/USB, optional RS485/4G/LAN-X
AC Output Voltage and Frequency 208/220V, 50/60Hz
Max. Output Current Designed to support high power demands
Dimensions and Weight Specific to model, designed for commercial use
Warranty 5 to 7 years
Certifications UL1741, IEEE1547, and compliant with various other standards

The WIT 55kW Commercial AC-Coupled Hybrid Inverter has a rated power of 55kW, designed to support large commercial solar installations with high energy demands.

The WIT 55kW Inverter achieves a maximum efficiency of 98.00%, ensuring optimal solar energy conversion and reducing energy loss significantly.

Yes, with an IP66/NEMA 4X rating, the WIT 55kW Inverter is built to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, operating efficiently from -30°C to +60°C.

The inverter includes RS485/CAN/USB interfaces for standard communications and provides optional RS485/4G/LAN-X for enhanced remote monitoring and system management capabilities.

It is equipped with multiple protection features, including AC/DC surge protection, battery reverse protection, and more, safeguarding the system and connected equipment against electrical issues.

The WIT 55kW Commercial AC-Coupled Hybrid Inverter comes with a 5 to 7-year warranty, providing long-term assurance of its performance and reliability.

Featuring an intelligent air cooling system, the WIT 55kW Inverter efficiently manages its temperature, ensuring sustained performance and durability without the need for external cooling solutions.

The inverter adheres to important international standards, including UL1741 and IEEE1547, making it suitable for widespread commercial application and ensuring compliance with safety and performance standards.

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