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3.5 kW Off-Grid Solar System (5kW Energy Storage with 3.5kW Inverter + 1600W Solar Array)

3.5 kW Off-Grid Solar System (5kW Energy Storage with 3.5kW Inverter + 1600W Solar Array)

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  • Comprehensive Solution: Includes inverter, battery, solar panels, and all necessary mounting and connection equipment.
  • High-Capacity Storage: Growatt AXE 5.0L-C1 5kW Battery, expandable up to 400kWh for large energy requirements.
  • High-Performance Panels: 1600W total power from ROCKSOLAR 200W Monocrystalline panels with high efficiency.
  • Efficient Inverter: Growatt SPF 3000~3500TL LVM-US Off-Grid Inverter for reliable power conversion.
  • Durable Construction: Weather-resistant solar panels with rigid aluminum frames and anti-reflective glass.
  • Safe and Reliable: Advanced BMS in the battery and protective features in the inverter ensure safe operation.
  • Flexible Installation: Easy setup with pre-drilled holes on panels and stackable battery design.
  • Remote Management: WIFI/GPRS monitoring for inverter and battery system management.(WIFI Module Included)
  • Long Lifespan: Over 25 years of service life for panels and 5-year warranty for battery and inverter.
  • Environmental Benefit: Harness solar power to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy sustainable energy.
  • Scalable System: Easily expand your setup with additional batteries or solar panels to meet growing energy needs.
  • All-Weather Performance: Designed to operate effectively under various environmental conditions.

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Introducing the Ultimate Home Solar Storage Kit, a comprehensive and powerful solution for residential solar energy needs. This robust system combines the efficiency of the Growatt Off-Grid Storage Inverter SPF 3500TL LVM-US, the reliability of the Growatt AXE 5.0L-C1 5kW Battery, and the high-performance 1600W Rigid Solar Panels to provide an unrivaled off-grid experience. 

Engineered for seamless integration, the system ensures that your home can run independently of the grid, whether as a primary power source or as a backup during outages. It's an ideal setup for environmentally conscious homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and harness the power of the sun.

Product Features

Growatt AXE 5.0L-C1 5kW Battery:

  • Modular 5kWh capacity, expandable in parallel for up to 400kWh
  • Cobalt-free LiFePO4 battery cells for safety and longevity
  • Quick, cable-free stacking installation
  • Remote management for firmware updates and diagnostics via WiFi or GRPS
  • Integrated BMS for real-time monitoring and protection
  • 10-year warranty ensuring peace of mind

Growatt Off-Grid Storage Inverter SPF 3500TL LVM-US:

  • Highly versatile with 3500W rated power
  • Integrated MPPT charge controller for maximum solar efficiency
  • Supports parallel operation up to 20kW and Split phase 120/240Vac output with two in parrallel.
  • Flexible scheduling for inverter charging and discharging
  • Configurable grid or solar input priority and Generator Connection ready
  • WIFI/GPRS remote monitoring (WiFi Module included)

ROCKSOLAR 200W 12V Rigid Monocrystalline Solar Panel (x8):

  • High-efficiency monocrystalline cells for superior performance
  • 200W power output per panel with a total array power of 1600W
  • Durable aluminum frame and anti-reflective glass for weather resistance
  • Easy installation with pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Bypass diodes to minimize shading impact on performance
  • Over 25 years of service life with a 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • Eco-friendly power generation to reduce carbon footprint

With the Growatt Ultimate Home Solar Storage Kit, achieve energy independence, reduce electricity bills, and enjoy the assurance of a reliable power supply. Experience the combined benefits of modern solar technology and battery storage in one seamless package.

  • 1 x Growatt Off-Grid Storage Inverter SPF 3500TL LVM-US
  • 8 x ROCKSOLAR 200W 12V Rigid Monocrystalline Solar Panels
  • 1 x Growatt AXE 5.0L-C1 5kW Battery
  • 1 x Set of Mounting Brackets for Solar Panels
  • 1 x Set of Cables for Solar Panel to Inverter Connection
  • 1 x Set of Cables for Battery to Inverter Connection
  • 1 x User Manual for the Inverter
  • 1 x User Manual for the Battery
  • 1 x User Manual for the Solar Panels
  • 1 x Warranty Card for the Complete System
  • 1 x Wifi Module Included

Technical Specifications

Growatt AXE 5.0L-C1 5kW Battery Details
Model Growatt AXE 5.0L-C1
Energy Capacity 5.0kWh
Max Charge/Discharge Power 3kW
Max Charge/Discharge Current 60A
Dimensions 650 x 350 x 165mm (W x D x H)
Weight 42kg
Nominal Voltage 51.2V
Warranty 5 years
Battery Type Cobalt Free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
Operating Voltage Range 48 - 57.6V
Installation Floor installation
Operation Temperature 0°C-50°C/32-122°F
DoD 92%
Parallel Capability Multi-cluster AXE battery system in parallel, Max. 8 clusters (Max. 400kWh)
Communication Port CAN/RS485
Performance Warranty 10 years
Certification CE, ROHS, UL1973+FCC, UN38.3 + IP65

Growatt Off-Grid Storage Inverter SPF 3000~3500TL LVM-US Details
Battery Voltage 48VDC
Battery Type Lithium/Lead-acid
Inverter Output Rated Power: 3500VA 3500W
Parallel Capability: Yes, 6 units maximum
AC Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode): 100Vac/110Vac/120Vac @ 50/60Hz
Surge Power: 6000VA
Efficiency (Peak): 90%
Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Transfer Time: 10ms typical, 20ms max
Solar Charger Maximum PV Array Power: 4000W
MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage: 120VDC – 225VDC
Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage: 280VDC
Maximum Solar Charge Current: 80A
AC Charger Charge Current: 40A
AC Input Voltage: 120VAC
Selectable Voltage Range: 95-140VAC (For Personal Computers); 65-140VAC (For Home Appliances)
Frequency Range: 50Hz/60Hz (Auto sensing)
Physical Protection Degree: IP20/NEMA Type1
Dimension (W/H/D): 330/485/135mm
Net Weight: 12kg
Operating Environment Humidity: 5% to 95% Relative Humidity (Non-condensing)
Operating Temperature: 0°C - 50°C (32°F - 122°F)
Storage Temperature: -15°C - 60°C (-5°F - 140°F)
Warranty 2 Years

ROCKSOLAR Black Diamond 200W 12V Monocrystalline Rigid Solar Panel Specification Details
Panel Type Monocrystalline
Power Output 200W
System Voltage 12V
Cell Efficiency 20-22%
Frame Material Aluminum
Dimensions  1480mm x 670mm
Weight approx. 25-30 lbs
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Waterproof Rating IP65 
Front Glass High light transmittance, low-iron tempered glass
Bypass Diodes Integrated
Connectors MC4
Cable Length Varies depending on the brand (approx. 3-6 ft)
Mounting Hole Locations Pre-drilled
Service Life 25 years or more
Warranty 10 years

The kit includes a Growatt Off-Grid Storage Inverter SPF 3500TL LVM-US, a Growatt AXE 5.0L-C1 5kW Battery, 10 ROCKSOLAR 200W Rigid Solar Panels, and all necessary cables and manuals for installation.

This system can generate up to 2000W from the solar panels and store 5kWh of energy in the battery, with the option to expand the storage capacity up to 400kWh with additional batteries.

The system is designed for straightforward installation. The battery modules can be easily stacked, and clear instructions are provided. Technical support is available if you require assistance.

The system requires minimal maintenance, mainly keeping the solar panels clean and ensuring all connections remain secure. The system's components are designed for longevity and performance.

Yes, the system's modular design allows for easy expansion. You can add more batteries to increase storage capacity or more solar panels to generate additional power.

The solar panels come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, the battery has a 5-year warranty, and the inverter comes with a 2-year warranty.

Absolutely, this system is ideal for off-grid living, providing a reliable source of energy to power your home essentials and more.

The Growatt storage inverter and battery are equipped with monitoring capabilities, allowing you to track performance and manage your system remotely.

The system includes a range of safety features, such as overcharge and over-discharge protection, temperature control, and advanced battery management systems to ensure safe operation.

Yes, the system is designed to provide uninterrupted power supply during outages, making it a reliable backup power source for your home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Justin Fry
Awesome system

Great system for running my off grid cabin loads of power pretty well everything I needed to get set up was there only thing that could change is simpler detailed instructions on how to install and set up

Kelvin Troake
Great product and quick friendly service

David and his team at RockSolar were very knowledgeable and knew what I needed to make our coffee truck dream a solar reality. The equipment was plug and play, great for a novice like me. Very happy and I have been recommending David and RockSolar to others.

Charlotte Lopez
Surpassed Expectations

I was skeptical about the claims, but this product exceeded my expectations. My energy bills have nearly halved in the past two months

Brian King
Great Investment for the Future

I chose this kit to future-proof my home against rising energy costs. The battery storage is robust, and the solar array charges efficiently.

Jake Evans
Better Installation Guide Needed

A clearer installation guide would make this product better. Once up and running, it's a reliable and efficient system.