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Growatt SYN 200-XH-US For Whole home backup | 200A Circuit Breaker + Smart meter

Growatt SYN 200-XH-US For Whole home backup | 200A Circuit Breaker + Smart meter

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  • 200A Circuit Breaker: Built-in for simplified setup.
  • Smart Meter: Accurate energy monitoring.
  • NEMA 4X: Weather-resistant for outdoor use.
  • Split-Phase Output: Versatile 120V/240V support.
  • Generator Ready: Seamless integration available.
  • Intelligent Features: Advanced remote control and switching.
  • Fast Switchover: Quick response during outages.
  • Quiet Operation: Under 35dB for minimal noise.

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Growatt SYN 200-XH-US for Whole Home Backup: 200A Circuit Breaker + Smart Meter

The Growatt SYN 200-XH-US stands out as an advanced solution for whole home backup, integrating robust features in a single, efficient system. This device is designed to handle large-scale residential power needs seamlessly, making it an ideal choice for comprehensive home energy management.

  • Integrated 200A Circuit Breaker: Simplifies setup with an integrated 200A circuit breaker on the grid side, eliminating the need for external circuit breakers.
  • NEMA 4X Protection: Ensures durability and safety with a high level of protection against environmental factors.
  • Split-Phase Output: Features an integrated split-phase transformer inside the system, supporting 120V/240V output, crucial for residential compatibility.
  • Generator Access: Integrates a generator access function, providing additional backup options during outages.
  • Intelligent Functions: Offers remote wake-up and intelligent switching functions for enhanced control and efficiency.
  • Energy Management: Includes an energy meter with 1% accuracy for precise monitoring of import/export energy, facilitating effective energy usage and cost management.

With its robust design and versatile capabilities, the Growatt SYN 200-XH-US is tailored to provide reliable power management and backup solutions, ensuring continuous operation and peace of mind for home owners.

  • Integrated 200A Circuit Breaker: Eliminates the need for external breakers, simplifying installation.
  • Smart Meter: Provides precise energy monitoring with 1% accuracy for import/export measurements.
  • Split-Phase Transformer: Integrated within the system to support 120V/240V split-phase output.
  • Generator Access: Allows for generator connection, enhancing backup power options.
  • Remote Control Features: Includes capabilities for remote wake-up and intelligent switching.
  • Standard Compliance Documentation: Ensures all components meet safety and emissions standards.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Max. Continuous Input Current 160A
Max. AC Input Overcurrent Protection 200A
AC Output Voltage (Nominal) 240V
AC Output Voltage Range 180-270V
AC Frequency (Nominal) 60Hz
AC Frequency Range 55-65Hz
Grid Disconnection Switchover Time <500ms
Max. AC Current Output 200A
AC L-L Output Voltage (Nominal) 240V
AC L-L Output Voltage Range 180-270V
AC L-N Output Voltage in Backup (Nominal) 120V
AC L-N Output Voltage Range in Backup 105-132V
Max. Rated AC Power 24000W
Protection Rating IP65/NEMA Type 4X
Cooling Natural convection
Noise <35dB
Operating Temperature Range -40°C~+50°C
Communication RS485
Weight 26.7kg (58.86 lbs)
Dimensions (W/H/D) 445/550/160 mm (17.52/21.65/6.30 in)

The maximum continuous input current for the Growatt SYN 200-XH-US is 160A, with a max AC input overcurrent protection of 200A.

The AC output nominal voltage is 240V, with a voltage range of 180-270V. The nominal frequency is 60Hz, with a frequency range of 55-65Hz.

Yes, the SYN 200-XH-US includes an integrated generator access function, enhancing its utility as a backup power source during outages.

The system uses natural convection for cooling, ensuring efficient heat dissipation without the need for additional mechanical cooling components.

The SYN 200-XH-US has a protection rating of IP65/NEMA Type 4X, making it highly resistant to dust and water, suitable for challenging environmental conditions.

In backup mode, the SYN 200-XH-US supports an AC L-N output voltage of 120V, with a range of 105-132V, suitable for standard residential equipment.

The SYN 200-XH-US operates at less than 35dB, making it a quiet solution for residential environments.

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