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Growatt 3.0kW MIN 3000TL-XH-US Grid-Tie | Battery Storage Solar Inverter

Growatt 3.0kW MIN 3000TL-XH-US Grid-Tie | Battery Storage Solar Inverter

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  • DC/AC Compatibility: Supports both coupling types for flexibility.
  • Backup & Dark Start: Ensures power continuity and reliability.
  • Energy Modes: Offers Self-consumption, Zero Export, TOU, Off-grid.
  • Battery Flexibility: Compatible with multiple battery brands for storage options.
  • 97% Efficiency: Maximizes conversion of solar energy.
  • Smart Monitoring: Optional communication for easy system control.
  • Safety Features: Includes RSD and AFCI for system protection.
  • Compact: Easy installation with sleek design.
  • 10-Year Warranty: Standard with extension options available.
  • Compliance: Meets key standards for safety and compatibility.

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Battery-Ready Innovation: Introducing the Growatt 3.0kW MIN 3000TL-XH-US Grid-Tie - Battery Storage Solar Inverter, crafted for both DC Coupled and AC Coupled systems. Featuring backup power and dark start capabilities, this inverter supports Rapid Shutdown (RSD) and Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI). It's engineered to cater to multiple energy management modes like Self-consumption, Zero Export, Time of Use (TOU), and Off-grid, ensuring versatility in energy usage.

Advanced Input & Output Compatibility: With a maximum recommended PV power of 6000W and an operational voltage range of 120-500V, this inverter accommodates a wide spectrum of PV inputs. It supports up to two Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) inputs, enhancing solar utilization. The inverter is compatible with various battery technologies, including Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP), and supports Growatt and LG batteries, ensuring a broad compatibility for storage solutions.

Efficient Power Conversion: Achieving a peak efficiency of up to 97.0%, the MIN 3000TL-XH-US is designed for optimal energy conversion. It features advanced efficiency metrics with a California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency of 96.5% at 240V AC, contributing to a high-efficiency energy system.

Comprehensive Protection & Management: Equipped with an array of protection features such as DC Reverse-polarity Protection, DC Switch, and AC Short-circuit Protection, the inverter ensures safe operation. It also supports smart energy management through adjustable power factors, offering flexibility in how energy is both utilized and managed within your home or business.

Intelligent Design for Modern Needs: The MIN 3000TL-XH-US boasts a compact and efficient design, with dimensions of 15.75/22.41/6.98 inches and a weight of 32.3lbs. It operates effectively within a wide temperature range, ensuring reliability under various environmental conditions. With options for RS485 and WIFI/4G communication, it offers convenient monitoring and control capabilities.

What Can It Power?

  • Residential Needs: Seamlessly powers household appliances, ensuring your home's energy autonomy.
  • Emergency Power: Provides reliable backup power during outages, keeping critical systems running.
  • Sustainable Living: Supports off-grid living with efficient energy storage and usage, promoting sustainability.
  • Energy Management: Empowers users with various energy modes for optimized consumption and savings.
  • Technological Integration: Compatible with smart home systems for enhanced energy monitoring and control.
  • Outdoor and Recreational Use: Suitable for powering RVs and camping equipment, providing freedom for adventures.
  • Renewable Energy Projects: Ideal for solar installations aiming for self-sufficiency and grid independence.

With the Growatt 3.0kW MIN 3000TL-XH-US Grid-Tie | Battery Storage Solar Inverter, elevate your energy management to new heights, ensuring a resilient, efficient, and smart power solution tailored for modern living.

  • 1x MIN 3000TL-XH-US Inverter: A high-efficiency inverter supporting DC/AC coupled systems, backup power, and multiple energy modes.
  • 1x User Manual: Instructions for installation, setup, and operation.
  • Optional Communication Module: For remote system monitoring and management.
  • 1x AC Connection Cable: Connects the inverter to AC power.
  • 1x PV Connection Kit: For safe solar panel integration.
  • 1x Battery Cable: Links the inverter to battery storage.
  • Mounting Hardware: Includes brackets and screws for installation.
  • 1x Warranty Documentation: Covers warranty terms and support information.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Max. Recommended PV Power (STC) 6000W
Type Grid-Tie / Battery Ready
Max. DC System Voltage 600V
Startup Voltage 80V
Full Load Voltage Range 200-500V
Nominal Voltage 360V
Operating Voltage Range 120-500V
No. of MPPT / No. of PV Strings per MPPT 2 / 2
Max. Input Current per MPPT 13.5A
Max. Short-circuit Current per MPPT 16.9A
Compatible Batteries Growatt APX HV Battery / Growatt ARO HV Battery / LG 10H Prime / LG 16H Prime / LG enblock S10 / LG enblock S14 / LG enblock S17
AC Nominal Power 3kW @ 240V AC
Max PV Input Power 6kW
Max. Efficiency 97.0%
Dimensions (W / H / D) 15.75/22.41/6.98 inch
Weight 32.3lbs
Operating Temperature Range –13°F~+140°F

The MIN 3000TL-XH-US supports a maximum PV power (STC) of 6000W, enabling efficient solar energy capture for residential use.

Yes, this inverter is designed for flexibility, supporting both DC Coupled and AC Coupled systems, along with backup power and dark start operations.

The inverter is compatible with Growatt APX HV Battery, Growatt ARO HV Battery, and various LG batteries, including LG 10H Prime, LG 16H Prime, and LG enblock series.

Yes, it supports several energy management modes such as Self-consumption, Zero Export, Time of Use (TOU), and Off-grid, offering enhanced flexibility in energy usage.

The MIN 3000TL-XH-US achieves a maximum efficiency of up to 97.0%, ensuring high conversion rates from solar energy to usable power.

Remote monitoring and management are possible through optional RS485 and WIFI/4G communication modules, providing easy access to inverter analytics and controls.

The inverter measures 15.75 x 22.41 x 6.98 inches and weighs 32.3lbs, making it compact and easy to integrate into residential settings.

The MIN 3000TL-XH-US comes with a 10-year standard warranty, with options for extended warranties, ensuring long-term reliability and support.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Elizabeth Martin
Unmatched Versatility

The versatility of this inverter is unmatched. It's suitable for a variety of home sizes and solar configurations, making it a go-to choice for residential solar applications.

Emily White
Seamless Energy Management

The energy management capabilities of this inverter are top-notch. It automatically adjusts to energy demands, ensuring optimal use of solar power throughout the day. I've noticed a significant reduction in my power bills.

Linda Harris
High Performance Under Pressure

This inverter handles high loads without any issues. Even during peak usage times, it supplies steady and reliable power, ensuring that all my appliances run without interruption.

Kevin Taylor
Streamlined Energy Transition

Making the transition to solar energy was made easy with this inverter. It's been instrumental in streamlining the process, from setup to full operation, ensuring a smooth transition to a more sustainable energy source for our home.

Jessica Clark
Intuitive and User-Friendly

I appreciate the user-friendly interface of this inverter. It makes it easy for anyone to manage their home energy effectively, even without technical expertise.