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ROCKSOLAR Ready 200W Power Station + 30W Foldable Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit

ROCKSOLAR Ready 200W Power Station + 30W Foldable Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit

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The ROCKSOLAR Ready is dependable and will keep you safe in any emergency situation. This portable unit provides power to home comforts and personal electronics during weather anomalies and storms, as well as minor power outages. This bundle, when combined with the 30W foldable solar panel, ensures that car kits, lamps, LED flashlights, mini-fridges, and fans are available when you need them, powered by the sun! Furthermore, the built-in LED SOS lighting provides additional peace of mind during any storm.
Charging options include an AC wall outlet, the included DC car charger, and solar. The new solar panel has a kickstand design for increased efficiency and is IPX4 waterproof, protecting it from water spray.

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ROCKSOLAR Ready 200W Power Station + 30W Foldable Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit

ROCKSOLAR Ready 200W Power Station:

  • PORTABLE POWER STATION: ROCKSOLAR Ready is a very portable and powerful 200W power station. The Ready has a built-in advanced battery management system that protects you and the devices you use with it from overcurrent.
  • MULTIPLE PORTS: The ROCKSOLAR Ready also has multiple ways to charge your devices with a variety of ports. It includes 1*AC Output, 1*DC In, 4*DC Out, 1*Quick Charge USB Port, 2*USB 3.0 Ports and 2*USB C ports.
  • LARGE BATTERY, SMALL SIZE: This lightweight portable power station only weighs 5lbs, yet has a large 60000mAh lithium battery. The ROCKSOLAR Ready is easy to take with you anywhere, whether by hand or in a bag with its collapsable handle. At the same time, the device is extremely quiet. It has a peak wattage of 300W. It also has a lifecycle of 1000+ charges.
  • QUICK RECHARGE: Whether you're charging the Ready itself or your devices, you can expect a quick recharge. You can charge your device with the cable included using a wall output (100v-240v) or the included car charging cable. You can also charge the power station using a ROCKSOLAR 30W, 60W, and 100W Solar Panel (Sold Separately).
  • MORE THAN JUST A POWER STATION: Like other ROCKSOLAR power stations, there's more to them than just a battery. The Ready has a LED Display to indicate the battery left, it also has a dual LED light flashlight to light up the surroundings. It also has a smart cooling fan to prevent overheating.

30W Foldable Solar Panel:

  • Size and weight of a laptop when folded easily fit into a backpack, ideal for RV, Home, hiking, camping, and road trips.
  • With 12VDC/USB/USB C PD outputs, it can charge devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, power banks, PSP, GPS, Bluetooth earphones, portable power stations,s and more under the sun.
  • More compatible than ever! The new foldable panels include 10 different DC connectors for charging various portable power station makes and models, not only your ROCKSOLAR product
  • Works in heavy cloudy and cold weather. With ultra-high-efficiency solar cells, ROCKSOLAR 30W solar panels still can give you up to 20-30% of its

Built-in Battery



High-Quality Lithium-ion Battery

Input Charging

Adapter: DC15V/2A | Power station can be charged with 100-240V wall outlet (AC ports provide 110V output).

Solar Panel Input

DC 13V-24V/2.2A Max

Fully Charged Time

Adapter: about 10-11 hours

DC Output

3 x DC Output 9-12.6V/10A

(Total 15A Max)

2 x USB C 5-9V/2.1A Qualcomm Quick Charge3.0

1 x USB 5-9V/2.1A Qualcomm Quick Charge3.0

2x USB Output 5V/2.1A(Total 3.1A Max)

AC Outlet

2 x US/JP Plug /1 x UK/EU/AU

AC Output

AC Modified Sine Wave Output


AC Continuous Output


AC Max Output

150@About 1 Second

Bulb Type

1w LED Light Panel With Two Levels Of Brightness

Work Temperature

-10℃ - +40℃

Storage Temperature

-10℃ - +45℃


>500 times

Multi Safety

Short-Circuit Protection

Over-Current Protection

Over-Voltage Protection

Low-Voltage Protection

Over-Load Protection

Over-Temperature Protection

Package Includes

1 x Portable Power Supply

1 x Power Adapter

1 x Car Charger

1 x Cigarette Lighter Adapter

1 x User Manual



Package Dimensions


Length (MM)


Width (MM)


Height (MM)


Weight (lbs)






No, both products are included in the price.

Yes, this works in heavy cloudy, and cold weather. With ultra-high-efficiency solar cells, ROCKSOLAR 30W solar panels still can give you up to 20-30% of its rated power under heavy cloudy weather. A life-saving power source in some emergency situations. Great camping essentials and accessories.

Yes, this product has New IPX4 Water Resistance, protecting the panel from splashing water, no matter which direction the water or rain falls from

Yes, you can use the Ready even while it is charging. Most solar power stations are safe to operate even when they're being charged.

Yes, the ROCKSOLAR 200W Ready is ideal for medium-sized power jobs, like powering an outdoor vendor booth, along with small appliances and devices, car accessories, and as a backup power source during a storm or outage.

File Name File Type Language

24 Hour Backup Power System

Product Cataloague EN apple

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Bettar than expected!

Rockstar generator powered cell phone, tablet, appliances and was more than I thought!

Fantastic Little Solar Generator Kit.

Bought this for camping, and used it to charge our phones, and laptops and to watch movies. we were able to watch one full movie on it fully charged. Not bad at all for the size and price and worked amazingly during our trip. It's lightweight and easy to carry and store. Comes with cables and a charger aside from the solar charging panel. Great brand, and a great purchase.

Great little solar generator for camping!!

I bought this power station to take camping, and it did not disappoint. Used it to inflate and deflate a plug-in air bed for camping and it had no trouble powering the pump. Also used a handheld plug in air pump to inflate multiple pool air mattresses, and used it to charge up all our cell phones multiple times. By the end of the 3 day camping trip, there was still well over 25% power level (the bar just moved off the mid 50% level). This was great for our camping experience.

Just what I was looking for

Easy to use. Lightweight I like the light and it charges my phone quickly. Handy little device

Great charging pack

Great charging pack, got it for our emergency kit, and love it.

Best Seller from ROCKSOLAR