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ROCKSOLAR Black Diamond 300W 12V Rigid Monocrystalline Solar Panel(2X150W)

ROCKSOLAR Black Diamond 300W 12V Rigid Monocrystalline Solar Panel(2X150W)

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  • Double Power: 2 panels offering a combined 300W output.
  • Monocrystalline Excellence: High-efficiency silicon cells.
  • Sturdy Build: Combined weight of 19.28kg ensures durability.
  • All-Weather Performance: Consistent energy output in varied conditions.
  • Adaptable Design: Suitable for homes, marine setups, and more.
  • Compact Size: Approximately 223.98cm x 67.01cm x 3cm combined.
  • Top Efficiency: Commitment to optimal energy conversion.
  • Easy Set-Up: MC4 Connectors included for swift installation.
  • 10-Year Assurance: Backed by a decade-long warranty.

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Dive into a more luminous, eco-friendly horizon with the ROCKSOLAR Black Diamond 300W 2Pcs 12V Rigid Solar Panels. Representing the pinnacle of solar innovation, this double set promises double the efficiency, rendering an unmatched conversion rate. It's the ultimate choice for renewable energy aficionados.

Double the Excellence

  • Peak Efficiency: With a remarkable 22% high conversion rate, the monocrystalline silicon cells in each panel harness the sun's energy to the fullest, doubling your energy productivity.
  • Unwavering Power: Advanced bypass diodes work relentlessly, mitigating power drops in low-light conditions. Expect steadfast energy, even on overcast days.
  • Durably Constructed: Comprising a rugged corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and robust low iron-tempered glass, these panels ensure lasting service.
  • Over 25 Year Service Life guaranteed and 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Reliability Times Two

  • Unyielding to Weather: With glass-laminated monocrystalline cells, both panels stand strong against varying weather scenarios. An outstanding IP65 rating assures performance, rain or shine.
  • Strength Multiplied: Designed to resist intense winds, heavy snow loads, and extreme weather, these panels epitomize steadfast durability.

Twice the Versatility

  • Diverse Applications: Perfect for residences, commercial areas, off-grid sites, marine environments, or extended RV travels. This dual-panel ROCKSOLAR set offers unmatched adaptability.
  • Effortless Installation: Thanks to pre-drilled holes, setting up both panels is straightforward, ensuring rapid energy access.

Step into a Brighter, Greener Future with ROCKSOLAR

Selecting ROCKSOLAR's dual set signifies a commitment. A commitment to progressive, green technology and sustainability. With the Black Diamond 300W Rigid Solar Panels, you aren't merely purchasing equipment; you're adopting a brighter, eco-conscious vision.

Perfect For:

  • Eco-friendly Homes and Green Urban Spaces
  • Extended Road Trips and RV Expeditions
  • Sea Voyages and Nautical Explorations
  • Isolated Lodges and Off-grid Havens
  • Business Projects and Industrial Tasks
  • Eco Projects and Conservation Missions



    • 2 x ROCKSOLAR Black Diamond 150W 12V Monocrystalline Rigid Solar Panel
    • 2 x MC4 Connectors
    • 1 x User Manual for the Rigid Solar Panel

    Technical Specifications Of Each Panel

    ROCKSOLAR Black Diamond 150W 12V Monocrystalline Rigid Solar Panel Specification Details
    Place of Business 1-800-858-4318
    Part Number 1
    Product Dimensions 111.99 x 67.01 x 3 cm
    Item model number RSRIG150-001
    Size 150W Rigid Solar Panel
    Style Compact
    Material Monocrystalline Silicon
    Shape Rectangular
    Voltage 12 Volts (DC)
    Amperage Capacity 8.5 Amps
    Maximum Power 150 Watts
    Certification Energy Star
    Usage Residential, Commercial, industrial, off grid, solar energy, RV, cottage, Boat, solar ventilation, solar powered pump, solar lighting
    Included Components 2x 150W Rigid Solar Panel, 2x MC4 Connectors
    Batteries Required? No
    Warranty Description 10 Years From Date Of Purchase
    Item Weight 9.64 kg

    The ROCKSOLAR Black Diamond 300W set utilizes monocrystalline silicon technology, renowned for its outstanding energy conversion efficiency. This duo offers a powerhouse of sustainable energy generation.

    Each ROCKSOLAR Black Diamond 150W Panel in the set measures approximately 111.99cm x 67.01cm x 3cm and weighs around 9.64 kilograms. The design is both durable and suitable for diverse mounting scenarios.

    Indeed! The panels are designed with weather-resistant, glass-laminated monocrystalline cells. They hold an impressive IP65 rating, reflecting their resilience and performance in varying weather conditions.

    This dual-panel set is versatile, making it ideal for homes, businesses, off-grid setups, marine environments, RV excursions, and more. The two panels offer enhanced flexibility to cater to diverse energy needs.

    The panels come equipped with MC4 connectors, streamlining the setup process. Nevertheless, users should ascertain compatibility with any supplementary equipment or accessories planned for use.

    Utilizing the ROCKSOLAR Black Diamond 300W 2Pcs Solar Panel enables users to rely on renewable, solar energy, significantly reducing carbon footprints. This shift towards sustainable energy substantially reduces greenhouse gas outputs and advocates for a cleaner Earth.

    The ROCKSOLAR Black Diamond 300W 2Pcs Solar Panel set is accompanied by a comprehensive 10 year manufacturer warranty. This assures long-term reliability, safeguarding your solar investment.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Alex Davis
    Exceeded Expectations

    These solar panels have exceeded my expectations. They're incredibly efficient and generate more power than I thought was possible.

    Rachel Lee
    Sleek and Modern

    Love the look of these solar panels on my home. They're sleek and modern, and have definitely helped me save money on my energy bills.

    Michael Chen
    Long-Term Savings

    These panels are definitely worth the investment. They're efficient and reliable, plus the long-term savings on energy costs make them a no-brainer.

    Emily Nguyen
    Reduce Carbon Footprint

    I'm so glad I decided to go with these solar panels. They're reliable, efficient, and have helped me reduce my carbon footprint.

    Jack Thompson
    Durable and Effective

    Love these panels! They're super durable and look great on my roof. Plus, they're generating enough power to significantly lower my energy bills.